End-of-term Launch

Eight of our nine boats hit the water for the first time On Wednesday, the 31st of May.


Heading Off for Spring Break

At this point, we are well along with the skin canoes, with almost all the ribs in and lashing done.  In the Spring, we will add the inwales and thwarts, and skin the boats.

The Oxford shell is a bit behind schedule, as the kit arrived late, but  is coming along nicely.  The Mill Creek and the Wood Duck are looking good. I am excited to see how the 'Duck comes together, which should happen soon after we return from Spring break. 



I'm a little late posting this year.  We have, as has become the norm in the last few years, nine boats being built.  Six skin-on-frame solo canoes and three kits form Chesapeake Light Craft.

We're doing one that's new to us, this year - a WoodDuck 10.  Very pretty little boat, though a bit more challenging for the high-school builder.

We used plastic wrap
 to hold it all together

Tiny transom at the stern

Gluing in the rear deckhatch rim