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 Paddle History

Click on the image for a short history of the traditionally-shaped canoe paddle.


Boat Building Workshop - Saturday - Final Day

Re-installing the rub rails - everyone lends a hand.

Boat Building Workshop - Friday

One more half-day.  Finishing up a week-long workshop in which seven participants built four skin-on-frame, double paddle canoes.  This afternoon, in one long push, we coated all the boats with a two-part urethane product know as 'Goop'.

urethanetimelapse from Roger McKee on Vimeo.

All that remains is tomorrow morning is to install the rub rails and the stem bands, drop in the  floorboards and seat,  and go for a paddle on Twin Lakes.

Its been a busy week of full days, but with some hardworking participants has been very successful.

Skinned, dyed and dried.

Skin coated with 'Goop'.


Boat Building Workshop - Thursday

After fitting the mahogany rub rails, today was primarily a day of polyurethaning the frame, floorboards, seat, rub rails and paddles.

Boat all in a row for coats of polyurethane.

Skinning the first of four.


Boatbuilding Workshop - Wednesday

Another big day.  All the frames are done; two boats have their rub rails drilled and finished.

This frame is nearly done.  The rub rails need to be drilled and trimmed.

This frame has a 1/2 coat of polyurethane.

Caned seat from Ed's  Canoe

Another view.


Boatbuilding Workshop - Tuesday

Day Three.

The soaking trough is almost empty.

Ribs all in; ready for inwales.

Inwales installed, ready for thwarts


Floorboards glued together


Boat Building Workshop - Monday

Second day - first full day.  We made tremendous progress.

Well over half of the ribs are in

Lashed ribs

Thwarts roughed out, with backrest

This was a very busy day, and very productive.  One team got ALL their ribs in.  Everyone else will be able to finish ribs on Tuesday morning.  Thwarts are at least roughed out, with backrest pieces glued in place, a little clean up will get those done. Also:  stem/knee sub-assemblies are done and in place on the boats - glued to the keelsons and set into the space next to the breast-hooks.


Sunday Evening of the Workshop

Day One.
Two hours into the build, and off to a great start.

Stringers laid on

Rib Stock Prepped and Soaking

Stems and Knees Glued Up


Setting Up for the Summer Boat Workshop

Gunwales, Inwales and Keelson laid on the forms

The Atrium of the Ruger Art Wing

Since the summer workshop is only six days long, much of the tedious and time-consuming milling has been done by me, ahead of time.  Some final shaping of parts and some sub-assembly has been left for the participants, but it will be busy days, even so. 

Stems and Knees 
Rib Stock
Thwart Pieces, Rough