Late October Paddle

My 'regular route'.  From the river access near Bartholomew's Cobble, north through the little riffle under the 7A railroad bridge and up to my geocache under Rte 7.  Dropped some frames trying to capture the trip upstream; it was pretty shaky.


Early evening paddle on fast moving flood waters

The Housatonic is in full flood again.  Maybe not spring conditions, but plenty of water is going over the dam.
I paddled up to the Hollenbeck from the dam parking lot and up the Hollenbeck as far as the railroad bridge at Point of Rocks Road.  Cool trip.  I had to maneuver around a few strainers -probably could not have done it had the water not been so high.  'Accompanied' a good part of the way by the Great Blue Heron; also spotted a Kingfisher.