Quick paddle on Twin Lakes

A free 'long block'.  Plenty of time to paddle from the boathouse to the north end of the lake and into the inlet that leads up to Taconic. Four Canada geese, one heron, six painted turtles.


Windy, windy....

Planned to get out on the lake today, but it was way too windy. Even the sailing team cancelled practice. So, instead, I borrowed a plastic kayak from my neighbor, and explored the brook behind my house, in Salisbury.


More Pictures

Oiled (Waterlox) frame, ready for skinning, when dry.  

WJ Wood's Sassafras canoe.

WJ Woods canoe seat.

 Gunwales being glued on Gabe Antoni's Pram.


Damn Beavers !!

My plan to make a willow-rod coracle this spring is in jeopardy. Went out to the pond with the dog on Sunday, to check the 30 saplings I had bundled and submerged in the pond. My friend the beaver had dragged them out and helped himself to a free lunch! He did not just nibble the ends; he chewed 20 of them clean in half.  Sigh.....

New Photos


Housatonic paddle

We don't just build boats; sometimes we get a chance to get out and paddle. This is the boat launch on Rannapo Road in Ashley Falls, MA. On Easter morning, the water was very high and a big trout was hanging out in the shallows. I paddled downriver to the end of the Konkapot River, and up it as far as I could before getting stopped by strainers.

This poor canoe seems to be buried in the silt on the Konkapot, or this may simply be its broken-off bow.


New boat

Gabe Antoni just started an Eastport Pram, and already it is recognizably a boat. This took one week of classes, at 45 minutes a pop. To his credit, Gabe has spent a lot of his free time wiring it together to be this far along so quickly.

April Fools?


I came across this link on the Indigenous Boats blog. It was announced on April 1st.