End of the school year.

Whew! We made it. this was an ambitious year. We built five skin-on-frame canoes, one Oxford Shell, one Chesapeake LT17 sea kayak, on Sassafras 16 Canoe and, a first for us, a Nor'easter Dory  (all kits from Chesapeake Light Craft).

The sea kayak is just about ready for the water.  Last coats of varnish are on and the seat is in.  It just needs a little deck rigging.

The Sassafras is looking good.  This is only the second one of these we've  built.  This one has a deck plate in the aft bulkhead and a vent plug at the bow..

The dory was a BIG project.  This came with the sailing rig, which we have not gotten too, but does have the dagger board well and rudder 'gudgeons' installed.  Needs a little more vanish and installation of the oarlocks before it goes in the water.

I haven't posted as much this year, for a variety of reasons. We've been busy, for one.  And after a lot of years of posting, it was getting repetitive. This year, of course, the dory was a game-changer, so I may to do a whole post devoted to it.


Well Into the New Boat Year

As usual, we began this year's crop of boats the first of December.  This year's selection includes five skin-on-frame canoes, one Oxford Shell, one 16 foot Sassafras Canoe, one LT17 sea kayak, and a Nor'easter Dory, with sailing rig.


End-of-term Launch

Eight of our nine boats hit the water for the first time On Wednesday, the 31st of May.


Heading Off for Spring Break

At this point, we are well along with the skin canoes, with almost all the ribs in and lashing done.  In the Spring, we will add the inwales and thwarts, and skin the boats.

The Oxford shell is a bit behind schedule, as the kit arrived late, but  is coming along nicely.  The Mill Creek and the Wood Duck are looking good. I am excited to see how the 'Duck comes together, which should happen soon after we return from Spring break.