First canoe off the forms.
With all but one rib in place, it was high time to take this boat off of the forms. This makes it a bit easier to get in and lash, but mostly it is fun to really appreciate how light this boat will be.

Sassafras 16 with gunwales in place.

I like to say this is when we put ALL of our clamps on display.

With the gunwales in place, we will be ready to turn this over an really go to work on the hull - filling the lap-stitch joint, cleaning up the ends and sanding everything, in preparation for the glassing of the hull.


Well underway on the new crop of boats

At Salisbury, the boat building season starts around the first of December.  We use the fall trimester to schedule students, order supplies and boat kits, if necessary.  This year, when the dust settled, we have five students making boats: four skin-on-frame, double paddle, low-seat canoes and one Sassafras 16 canoe from Chesapeake Light Craft.

One Chesapeake Light Craft kit boat - a Sassafras 16

The skin-on-frame boats are built completely from scratch; we fabricate all the parts in the wood shop, from templates and recorded dimensions.  I actually don't have a set of plans, but have a number of sets of forms.  The boat we build is essentially the one described in Hilary Russell's book, Building Skin-on-Frame Double Paddle Canoes which I helped design and edit.

Sassafras, further along

Stringer ends trimmed, ready for lashing

Lashing ribs to stringers


End of the school year.

Whew! We made it. this was an ambitious year. We built five skin-on-frame canoes, one Oxford Shell, one Chesapeake LT17 sea kayak, on Sassafras 16 Canoe and, a first for us, a Nor'easter Dory  (all kits from Chesapeake Light Craft).

The sea kayak is just about ready for the water.  Last coats of varnish are on and the seat is in.  It just needs a little deck rigging.

The Sassafras is looking good.  This is only the second one of these we've  built.  This one has a deck plate in the aft bulkhead and a vent plug at the bow..

The dory was a BIG project.  This came with the sailing rig, which we have not gotten too, but does have the dagger board well and rudder 'gudgeons' installed.  Needs a little more vanish and installation of the oarlocks before it goes in the water.

I haven't posted as much this year, for a variety of reasons. We've been busy, for one.  And after a lot of years of posting, it was getting repetitive. This year, of course, the dory was a game-changer, so I may to do a whole post devoted to it.


Well Into the New Boat Year

As usual, we began this year's crop of boats the first of December.  This year's selection includes five skin-on-frame canoes, one Oxford Shell, one 16 foot Sassafras Canoe, one LT17 sea kayak, and a Nor'easter Dory, with sailing rig.