3D Printed Boat Parts?

This is an idea for 3D printed parts for the skin-on-frame canoes. This would make attaching stringers easier, but introduces a piece of plastic into a wood-canvas boat. Some of the 3D print companies are making composite filament that might look better.

With the help of the science department's Makerbot printer, we can at least do some prototypes to see how this might work.


Follensby Loop from Roger McKee on Vimeo.
ADK day trip: Follensby Clear Pond to Fish Creek Ponds and up Fish Creek to Copperas Pond and return.


Boat Building Class Launch

At the island on Washinee Lake

On Tuesday, May 26th, seven of the nine students who built boats this year took their new craft down to the school boathouse for a paddle on Washinee (of Twin Lakes). This year, we made seven skin-on-frame, low-seat canoes, one stand-up paddle board, and one Oxford Shell.  The latter two craft are from Chesapeake Light Craft.  The skin boats we build from scratch.

Our launching was a great success. The skin canoes cruised around the lake and over to the small island to explore, with Chris Massini not far behind, on his SUP, despite not having a proper SUP paddle.  This was Jack Souder's first time in a shell, but with some help from crew coach Dick Curtis, he was able to adjust his rigging and get a feel for the new boat.

2015 boat launch from Roger McKee on Vimeo.


Except for a few odds and ends, like lashing in floorboards and seats and some painter lines, the boats are together.  The wood boats need more coats of varnish, but these will be up to the students when they get them home.


Ray Seebeck's paint-marker design.



One section's boats in a row.

Boat by Graham Turner '15 - carving by Nathaneal Matlack '15.

Ray Seebeck's Boat.

Matt Dugan '15.

SUP by Chris Massini, '18.

The other goup.


May 2nd 'Wrap' Up

All the frames varnished

Wrapping the skin on the boat, in preparation for stretching.

SUP completely 'glassed

Front deck of Oxford Shell glued on.


April is almost gone...

A little behind last year, I think, but since all the frames should be varnished by the end of this week, I feel pretty good about our schedule.  I hope to post a video of the skinning process when we do that.


Alumni Water-craft Update

I got an email today, from former Salisbury student, Robert Feeney, with a link to this video of fishing off the California coast. Rob was class of 2012.  Coincidentally, I recently heard from Rob's classmate, Cameron Fitch, who build a Chester Yawl.  I'm hoping he will send me some pictures of his boat, as well.

La Jolla SUP yellowtail from Robert Feeney on Vimeo.


From WOODEN BOAT on Facebook


And now for something very, if not completely, different...

Its worth mentioning in that in the U.K.,  a 'pudding' is something quite different than in the United States. Yorkshire pudding is an English side dish made from batter consisting of eggs, flour, and milk. The dish is sometimes served with beef and gravy.
You can see the resemblance to a celtic coracle....


Work Session Time-Lapse

Skin Boats 15a from Roger McKee on Vimeo.

The first of the boats to come off the forms.  This is always an important milestone, as we get to see something that more closely resembles the finished boat and also feel for the first time how light this craft will be.


Mid-winter Weekend.

Just back from the students' mid-winter weekend break. Here are some shots of the process so far.  We have the SUP and the Oxford Shell from Chesapeake Light Craft in the back room, while out in the atrium are the bulk of the skin-on-frame canoes.

You can't have too many clamps.


Oxford Shell

Things are slowing down a bit, as all the ribs get steam-bent and lashed.  This is a process that can be done in a single day, if one has a whole, uninterupted day to work, but in the school schedule, we work in 40- 60 minute blocks, so it takes much longer,

Stringer ends trimmed and lashed.
Bending and lashing ribs.


New Season is under way.......

One Stand-up Paddleboard.
New crop of boats.
Milling parts in the shop.
Fitting breasthooks