Boat Launchings

First time with the Go Pro in a canoe - this one is a bit shaky.

This year, there were fewer boats to launch, and some seniors were going to be away during exam week, so we split into smaller groups.  On Saturday three of us went for a short paddle on Twin Lakes.

On Wednesday of Exam Week, John DiCaro and Steve Ross launched their boats.


Playing with the new GoPro

Here is what's up in the shop:

video may not run on some devices

It's coming down to the last week of school.  We have just a few things to re-assemble on the boats (rub rails, stem-bands, etc), and are making some easy double-bladed paddles.


Dyed vs White Polyester Skin

Subtle use of  the Skinboat School's spruce dye


Wee Lassie

Photo Credit: Feather Canoes

I came across this post about Feather Canoes, on Facebook, via WOODENBOAT's page. "The Wee Lassie may have started out as one of JH Rushton's designs but it has gone through several variations to become what it is today. This is a great, lightweight solo canoe for a moderately sized person." The Feather Canoe versions are strip-built wood-fibreglass, but this is the basic shape and concept as our skin-on-frame boats. Note the double-paddle and the low seat position of the paddlers.