Sunday Outing

After coming close over the summer, but not quite nailing it on my own, I went to a class this past Sunday, hosted by ConnYak.  The instructors were Cheri and Turner Wilson, and they were great.  By the end of the hour-and-a-half class, I was doing the roll with confidence,as well as sculling and recovering.  The session was done in their boat, which was a tight fit. (I had to really wiggle to get my knees and thighs in and out of the boat.)  After a rest break, I tried my own boat.  Because mine is significantly wider, I feared I would have trouble making the transition, but I had no problem rolling up. Though I was a little sloppy on a few rolls, I have no doubt I will now be able to refine my roll and get smoother.  And this was with the skinny Greenland paddle.