Restored 'Sarum' Canoe


In honor of Carl Williams, long-time Salisbury faculty member, ski coach, canoe leader and all-around outdoors man, the school had this canoe, from Carl's collection of canoes, completely restored.

The Sarum Canoe (Old Town Serial Number 149707) was one that Carl had re-canvased and given a custom red and ‘gold’ paint job at the 100th anniversary of the school. In the process of this restoration, Schuyler Thomson, of Norfolk, CT discovered some of the history of this particular canoe
The original Old Town records show that this canoe was first canvassed in October of 1947 and the keel installed and the boat varnished in March of 1948.  Its original color was ‘fire red’.  Within the month, the boat was shipped to Lowell, Massachusetts, where Carl lived at the time.
When the boat was first delivered for restoration, Schuyler noted that there were some ribs that had been replaced, of a different type of wood and some other details that were not consistent with an original Old Town.  When the previous canvas was removed, a freight order from the Canadian National Railroad was uncovered literally indicating that the boat had been shipped to Fredericton, New Brunswick in 1971.
Schuyler notes that the only destination in Fredericton that would have bearing on this canoe is the Chestnut Canoe Company.  Apparently, the canoe was shipped to Chestnut for repairs and then sent on to Carl, by this time in Connecticut.
For this restoration, the wood of the boat has been completely stripped and sanded and re-varnished.  The stems were straightened.  Previous repairs to the ribs were replaced.  New gunwales were installed and the new canvas filled and repainted with a custom design, which while not identical to Carl’s 100-year version, is in school colors and incorporates the gold stripping of Carl’s concept.

We hope Carl would be pleased with the results.