Launch Day

Ethan Marshall's boat

It was a beautiful day on the lake - perfect for a first cruise in the new boats.  The stand-up-paddleboard proved to be quick and stable, and the canoes preformed as expected.  The full name of these boats is Double Paddle, Low-Seat Canoe; it is modeled after the Henry Rushton Wee Lassie, though uses materials more like an Inuit Umiak or Kayak.


Skinned, dyed, and coated boats

Before and After:  'Cristo' wrapped boats to poly-coated canoes.


Stapling the ends

First one side is stretched
and stapled, gunwale to keelson.

Then the other side is pulled over
and overlapped, stapling again.

Let's not forget the paddle board,  being varnished.


Skinning has begun

Today we began covering the varnished frames with polyester canvas.  It gets stapled to the gunwales, pulled as tight as we can manage while stapling.