Wow: from flat to boat in one day! It was a lot of work prepping the strakes and wiring them together, but once the ends are pulled together its a big step. Still some tweaking to do with fit at the ends and tightening the wires, but it feels like a major step, at this point.

Meanwhile, the kayaks are coming along, below.

And the Chester Yawl is still being wired.

The first ribs are going in on the skin-boats. The smell of steamed cedar is everywhere.


They are beginning to look like boats!

Last week the skin-on-frame boats were not much more than gunwales and breasthooks on the moulds. This week, the stringers go on, and they begin to look like something. Its a sort of milestone in the process. the next big one being the steam-bending of all the ribs.

On the kit side, we have gone from this:

To this:

The Sassafras is being wired together, while the Chester Yawl has all its strakes together and tweaked, and is ready for wiring to commence.