March Break

Skin-on-frame Canoes
As we head of for march vacation, here is how things stand. 2/4 skin boats have the inwales glued in, and the other two are nearly there. We still need to: finish and install the thwarts; fabricate and drill the gunwale rub-rails; trim flush the ribs and breasthooks; apply waterlox to the entire frame. Then it will be time to skin the boats, a major milestone!

Then an acid dye for those who what color and polyurethane over the shrunk skin.

There will still be some small items to attend to: seat cushion; floor boards; bronze rubs at the bow and stern. I hope we will have time to make some paddles.

Oxford Shell
Aft deck is on, the shears are nearly all shaped to take the fore deck. We are in good shape, time-wise.

Definitely the most demanding of the projects, though after we make one or two it should fell easier.

Current pictures to follow shortly.