Boatbuilding / Surfboards

More reasons why the surfboard is more complex to build than a boat: in addition to the rocker table we already created, we will also need a 'planning bench' to set the board on edge in, in order to plane and shape the rails. The appendix of the manual illustrates this; I build in a short time the one above, of 2 2x12' and 2 2x6s (with some leftovers). The space between the horizontal members has a bottom and can be used to stow tools, etc.


Here's where we are on the 14th of January. Keel stringer is on, breasthooks in. Now its ime to rip all the stringers, and we should be steaming ribs soon.



Still waiting for John's kit, but making progress on Derek's - they can switch jobs, builder and assistant, down the line. They work well together. Bottom and top planks are assembled, and frame is nearly fit together. Next step is to glue frame to bottom on 'rocker table' Photos soon. After we do this once, I expect the second one will go quickly.

Chief Sarum overlooks the progress on board number one.

Something completely different?

A Skin-on-Frame car? Thanks to Chris Hansell (who built a skin-on-frame canoe last year) for sharing this video with me: